SCMAGLEV brings the next generation of transportation to the United States. Simply put, the SCMAGLEV has no equal when it comes to speed, safety and environmental friendliness. A powerful propulsion system utilizing electromagnetic forces, unique guideways that ensure safe operation at high speeds, and signaling and braking systems that guarantee absolute safety make it unlike any train you’ve seen — and exactly what the congested Northeast Corridor needs.

High speed train in the US

Transformational Speed

The fastest train in the world, traveling at 311 mph

Watch the world outside your window as it passes by at a breathtaking pace. The SCMAGLEV is unlike any method of transportation you’ve ever experienced. Not only can the SCMAGLEV run at over 300 miles per hour in everyday service, its smooth, rapid acceleration means it can reach that speed faster than any traditional rail system can manage. This means you’ll get from D.C. to New York in just an hour without feeling rushed.

What would you do with an extra 100 minutes? That’s how much time you’d save each way if you took the SCMAGLEV instead of the Acela from D.C. to New York City.

Learn Why SCMAGLEV is the Next Generation of Transportation

Secure travel

Safe & Reliable

Advanced SCMAGLEV technology ensures train safety and reliability

You’ll reach your destination safely and on time with SCMAGLEV. Like the world-famous Japanese Shinkansen “Bullet Train” system, renowned for its on-time performance and unbeaten safety record, the SCMAGLEV runs on dedicated and grade separated track, eliminating dangerous road and rail crossings. This means no sharing track with slower freight trains and commuter services that make frequent stops and enables the SCMAGLEV to maintain a more reliable service.

SCMAGLEV trains are also safely enveloped in a U-shaped guideway and held in position by magnetic forces. This automatically ensures that the train is kept securely in the center of the guideway at all times, making the system free from the possibility of a derailment.

Green technology

Green Technology

An environmentally friendly high-speed solution

SCMAGLEV will reduce congestion on our roads and in the sky, resulting in less pollution. With no “rail noise” and reduced CO2 emissions, it is one of the greenest travel systems available.

Because SCMAGLEV trains levitate inches off of the ground, there is no noise or vibration generated by the familiar interaction between steel wheels and rails. There are no dirty diesel engines as trains are propelled by electricity from substations, and its lightweight, aerodynamic design further reduces energy consumption. In Japan, the CO2 emissions of the SCMAGLEV is estimated to be just one-third of a Boeing 777 airplane.

And you can feel good about your transportation choice knowing that the SCMAGLEV meets stringent environmental guidelines for magnetic fields recommended by the World Health Organization.

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